Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Because...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catchin' Up

Now that we have internet, it looks like I have some catchin' up to do, so here goes...

Jason's first Father's Day! What an exciting day. I have had the idea for his gift since I was pregnant and we found out we were having a girl. There are many special moments between a father and a daughter, but nothing compares to her wedding, where he gives her away and shares a dance with her. I didn't want that special moment to begin there, but on Father's Day. Each year, Jason and Eliana will share a dance, that is as long as she is home. I found a really cool scrapbook. It was more like a leather box. (A little more manly) It had two magnetic flaps that opened up to the photo pages inside. This year they danced to Stephen Curtis Chapman's, Cinderella. I placed the lyrics on one page and will place their picture on the other. Each year we will add to it, ending with that special dance on her wedding day. I wanted to make that dance so much more special to her. Here are a few pics of the book. The front quote says it all, "Though you grow before me, you're still my baby girl."

And here are a few pictures from their first dance on Father's Day 2008.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Four weeks, two office visits (not a nice receptionist), about 20 phone calls, 4 service visits, 2 canceled service visits, 2 modems, and a new router later, we have internet! I never knew how much I depended on it, but being at home all day, I felt it was my connection to the outside world.

Jason and I took a walk downtown to eat dinner tonight. Here are a couple of pics so you can kind of see the town we are in.

This is our house, at least for the next year. We love the neighborhood.

This is on the walk to downtown. It is such a nice environment. Everyone out and about.

This is Eliana in a pub. The burgers are really good and really cheap!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Maples' House

AKA longest post ever!

First I want to apologize for the late posts. We still don't have internet at our house, so I have to take what I can get. I am in Jason's office. Hopefully we will get internet soon. We also don't have phone or tv yet. Oh, the drama!

Anyway, I want to finish the pictures from our two week detour from Texas to West Virginia. After visiting my college friends, Eliana and I headed north to Kansas City, Missouri. Christa drove me, and although I was with her for four days, I feel like we had the best time talking on the 2-1/2 hour drive to my parents. Strapping the kids down does make a difference I guess. Eliana and I missed Jason dearly, but we had a great time with my family. I did put Jason on speaker phone a few times and Eliana would just smile. She had a lot of firsts away from her daddy. She walked in a walker. She had no problem with that one. She was all over the place. She sat up by herself, she sat in a swing, and played in a baby pool. Again, she did great sleeping even though it was a new place and another different crib. I was so proud of her. We kept her from some of her naps though, and the cranky face emerged. The girl has got to have her naps. Maybe she gets that from me. Mommy LOVES naps. Here are some pics from her adventure...

Eliana loved spending time with her Grandma Melissa

Grandpa Tommy sharing his words of wisdom with Eliana

Aunt Penny and Aunt Pam reluctantly posing for a picture

Hannah, a girl that mom babysits, and cousin Joy enjoying Eliana

Eliana and Hannah's sister, Alyssa catchin' some rays

"I think this rope looks really tasty. I must try to eat it."

"A stuffed toy that moves. Maybe I can pull its hair. That is if this box I am sitting in would stop moving."

"I love this swing Mommy."

Cousin Joy doing a great job at entertaining Eliana before her t-ball game

Eliana was a hit with all of Joy's teammates. I almost didn't have to use sunscreen with all of the kids blocking the sun wherever we went.

"If you get in my way, I must try to run you over."

"Yeah, we are almost home! I can't wait to see daddy!"
Eliana did great on the flight home. Although it was interesting getting through the airport by myself. FYI if you have a stroller travel system. All of it has to go through the x-ray machine. So, take the carseat with baby out first. Put the stroller through and then take the baby out of the carseat and put it through. Didn't know that, quite interesting doing all of that while holding the baby. We sat in front of two men on the plane and I heard them comment on a baby being in front of them. I thought, "I'll show you!" She slept the whole way. As soon as we took off and woke up right when we were getting ready to land.

We flew into Baltimore, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory at the harbor. It was so much fun and so beautiful. Eliana was excited to see her daddy! And so was I!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Times with College Friends

After visiting Jason's parents, Eliana and I headed about 30 miles north to Bolivar, Missouri. Jason and I went to Southwest Baptist University there. I was able to stay 3 nights with my best friend from college and roommate of several years, Christa. She has 2 boys, so she enjoyed having a little girl around. Nathan, her husband also attended SBU, so we had a great time. And of course, he understands how funny Christa's mind works and had to endure the two of us. He thinks I rub off on her when I am around. Who, me? I love spending time with them, because I just laugh and laugh really, really hard. My friend Drew from college also lives there, so I was able to spend time with him, too. And one night another friend, Jon, came to have dinner with us. It was so fun to see all of them. It almost felt like old times. It was a little strange when Christa and I took the kids to the campus and walked around the union. It was like I could look across the union and see an image of myself back then and at the same time walking the same path with my baby. So many memories. One day we even had to duck and cover from a possible tornado. We went next door to a business and went in their basement. Nothing like nursing a baby in a dark, unfinished basement, in the middle of a storm! Eliana did great on the trip. Didn't skip a beat. She seemed to feel comfortable wherever we went.

Here is pic of me and my friends. From left to right, Drew, Me, Jon, Christa and Nathan.

Grandma and Papa's House

We started off our two week adventure in Springfield, Missouri. We went to visit Jason's parents. Jason was able to stay there a few days, before heading back to Wylie to attend his last service and pick up the UHaul and cat. Here are a few pics at grandma and papa's house.

Sitting in papa's chair! As you know Eliana loves to watch tv, throw in papa's chair and she was in heaven!

Lovin' on Great-Grandma Bettye.

Aunt Jerri and Eliana enjoying the outside.

All the babies love Uncle Joe!

Eliana just loves her Great-Grandma Bettye!

Jason, Eliana and Great-Grandma Ruby

I love this picture of Eliana and Great-Grandma Ruby!

Eliana fell in love with her Grandma Judy! They even went on a walk together. She loved spending time with them and misses them!

Eliana and Papa Bruce. She loved to have papa carry her around and walk with her. And of course she loved to look at the ceiling fans and lights along the way.

We had a great time at Bruce and Judy's. Eliana felt right at home. She really liked sitting on the back porch. We can't wait to visit again soon!