Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun in the Sun... FINALLY!

After a long cold winter and more snow than I can remember, we had a wonderful, sunny weekend. We took full advantage of it and headed to the park, on Saturday, with some friends from church. This park is amazing! It has the biggest playscapes I have ever seen. I haven't even climbed the stairs to the tallest slide, because it is so high. Eliana had no fear and climbed everything really well. She is a huge imitator and if she sees one kid doing something, that is her cue. That is good and bad. Her balance was great, despite previous balance and inner ear issues.

Sunday, was no different. After church, we took a picnic lunch to Harpers Ferry. That is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Eliana fed the ducks and liked walking around with her independence. Notice the cuts and scrapes on her face. She bit it in the gravel right before heading to church and scraped her face pretty good. Then in Harpers Ferry, she did it again, right in the same spot! We ended the trip with ice cream cones.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Sister

We are so excited for Eliana to be a big sister. I think she will be a great one. She has been doing great with her hearing aids. I can tell now that she is hearing even more. She has noticed TV and will actually sit and watch a cartoon. You may even hear her laugh at something funny. She still isn't talking, but she will tell an occassional kid to be quiet. She recently learned the finger in front of the mouth with a shhhhh from watching Annie. When a kid with hearing aids tells you to "Shhhhh", then you must be loud.

This video is pretty random and not the most exciting thing, but hey, it is our little girl!

These were some pictures from her Auditory Brainstem Response test. She was under for 2 hours. She actually fell asleep before they drugged her. This test was back in November. She was such the big girl. She handled it all so well. She has always been pretty tough, though.