Thursday, December 23, 2010


Eliana had several Christmas activities on her last day of school before Christmas break. They had a special story signed by the librarian and then a signing Santa. The lady in the video is a deaf lady that is a teacher at the school. She also comes to the house once a week to do home visits with Eliana, as well as teach me sign language. Her father came for Christmas and is the guy in the red suit! All the kids were really shy. Actually this was Eliana's first time seeing Santa since we don't take her to the one at the mall. He is asking her if she wanted Santa to bring her a bike and then he asks her if she wants a candy cane.

Eliana LOVES trains! A friend of ours asked if we would like to join their family on a Santa train that went through scenic Maryland. I am sure that it was scenic at one time, but now it is quite residential, but fun none the less. Eliana squealed when she saw the train, especially when we got on! Anaiah was pretty alert too for a 7 week old!