Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year. Good Friday we went to a friend's house to decorate Easter eggs with other friends. Eliana was a little bored with it. She did put stickers on three. As she was carrying her plate back to the table, they fell and shattered. Oops! But she did love playing outside!

This is Eliana in her Easter dress. She loved the hat. She walked proudly into church with it on, but as soon as we got to the child's check in table she took it off and put it on the table. I guess you don't wear hats inside. The nice band aid on her head is compliments of a nice fall she took the week before. That thing is still healing up and I fear a permanent bad scar.

Here she is sporting her "first" heels. She loved them. She wanted to wear them the rest of the week.

We had a great time at the same friend's house for Easter lunch. We were there all day, playing, eating and having fun with a whole bunch of friends.

Eliana loved looking for eggs and loved finding out they had candy in them, even more!

This is one tired girl after a long day. We didn't leave until about 6:30 that evening. She had so much fun!

With Jason going to work early on Sunday mornings, Eliana gets her basket for the time being, the next day. That way Daddy can see. She went straight for the eggs instead of toys, because she knew they would have candy.