Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Say Can You See

Jason came home for lunch, and as a family we watched the inauguration of our newest president. Eliana even got to eat lunch in the living room.

And of course Eliana participated in her first singing of the national anthem. She smiled through it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let is Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We saw our first, WV snowfall today. Much to my surprise, after Eliana's morning nap, it was snowing. I came downstairs and looked out the back door and huge snowflakes were coming down. Eliana smiled real big. I put her at the back door and she just kept smiling. I must admit, it was really pretty. But that is only because I was snug at home and not having to drive in it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never - Our Christmas Vacation

What a two weeks. Jason and I had the opportunity to head back to Missouri for the holidays. We flew into Kansas City and stayed with my family through Christmas Eve, when we opened gifts. Drove down to Springfield, Missouri Christmas Eve night for more gifts with Jason's side and then off to his Grandma's, 2 hours away, for Christmas Day lunch with his Mom's side. We were there for two days and then back to Springfield where we had breakfast with Jason's dad's side. We were at his parents a few more days, even caught a quick SBU basketball game at our college, and then headed back to my parents a few days before coming home. Whew! But what a great time to see family. We were able to see everyone. Sibling's on both sides. And it was fun to see Eliana interact with everyone. She never skipped a beat and nobody was a stranger! This may seem like a lot of pictures, but I wished I would have taken more with family.

Eliana loved her presents. It was so fun to see her with them.

Eliana loved this little kitchen at my mom's. She played with it everyday.

It was so fun to see Eliana with her presents. This was her second go at it, so she started realizing that whatever was under that paper was going to be fun. We got to Jason's parents house, Christmas Eve night, after driving down Kansas City. We hopped on the couch and let our little miss independent sit with her cousins on the floor to open presents. It was so strange to see our little girl being a big girl.

"I think this dress will look beautiful on me!" Cousin Sarah helped her open this one.

Stocking time! She wasn't really interested at first, until I started pulling stuff out of it, then she started reaching her little arm in.

Lovin' that tractor! My daughter has a huge fascination with cars. After this picture she took over, poor cousin, Kayden, didn't have a chance! My mom had a few at her house as well and she LOVED them!

Four generations: Judy, Eliana, Grandma Hayes and Jason

Eliana and Grandma Hayes take beautiful pictures! They are both so very beautiful!

Grandma Judy and a tired Eliana. The Saturday after Christmas we had a family reunion breakfast at Jason's Aunt Mary's. Mary is Jason's dad's sister. It was great to see that side of the family, as well.

Eliana's cousin Allison was a great little helper. Eliana loved spending time with all her cousins.

Eliana and her cousin Demi.

Okay, so my sister made fun of me for this one. I took Eliana to change her diaper and forgot to snap the onesie. We look down at her later and it was sticking out. I never did fix that onesie!

Eliana with her Aunt Penny.

Penny's dog "Puppy" and Eliana peacefully checking out the outside.

Eliana and her cousin, Joy. Joy was a great little mother hen and played so well with Eliana. She would even build things out of legos, just so Eliana could knock them over.

"Pardon me, I don't mean to be nosy. Do you have a blanket? My parents have me in short sleeves."