Monday, November 9, 2009

Party + Pony = Super Fun Times!

I apologize in advance that these posts are going to be a little out of order, but I wanted to get these party pictures up.

An awesome couple at church, John and Kim Bittle, let us have Eliana's 2nd Birthday party at their house. They used to have a traveling petting zoo and pony rides business, but now just enjoy the animals at their house. The animals have been raised from birth and just roamed around with the kids. They had EVERYTHING! It was awesome. Plus they had a huge playscape within the fence. The kids would chase and pet and chase the animals. We had a BBQ with friends. It was a beautiful day for food, cake and families!

This is John and Kim's house. It was absolutely beautiful out there! And fun to see so many animals at one house.

Birthday cake time! Everyone is still talking about her little pumpkin cakes from last year, so I tried the recipe for cupcakes. They were pumpkin with chocolate chips and cream cheese icing.

This is Derek. He LOVES Eliana. He is a little boy from church. His mom says he talks about her all the time and is so stinkin' excited when he sees her.

Time to play! There was plenty of room to run around and be a kid! And to chase animals of course.

Eliana's first pony ride. She wasn't scared at all. She looks so small up there! She had the most excited smile when they put her up on the horse. That girl loves adventure!

One tired birthday girl. The fun lasted 3 hours! We loved it and are wondering how we will be able to top it next year!