Friday, December 5, 2008

An Ode to Socks

Package of socks, oh package of socks
You are far lovelier than anything I have ever seen
I love you all three and will always keep you close to my heart...
or feet, yeah my feet
That is if Mommy can pry them out of my sweet little hands!

Okay, so the story with the socks. Jason and I are moving. Yeah, I know. We just love the joys of moving every six months. Our landlord just bought a townhouse in the same town as the church, so we jumped at the chance to move a little closer. Back to the socks. So Eliana and I went on a trip to the good old Dollar General. A quick move calls for cheap tape. We are rolling around in the cart, when I come across this package of socks. I pick them up, they are her size, she does need socks. No, I don't think I will get them. Ummm...Eliana got the biggest sad face and actually started crying. Not a "mad" because you aren't getting them, but a "sad" that we would leave them behind. Weird. I gave her the socks. And she carried them around the store. Now, usually she would chew on said socks until the wrapper came off. Not these special socks. They just stayed safely in her little hand. We went by several toys, playing with them, but she didn't care to leave those behind. We get to the check out and I had to take them from her. She made a big pouty face until the lady scanned them and gave them back. She carried them to the car. Held them securely as I pulled her arm through her car seat strap. Carried them into the house and up the stairs for her nap. I take them from her to put her in bed and she cried again. Weird. When she gets up from her nap, she grabbed them and carried them around all day. ALL DAY. Everywhere she went, she carried those socks. Under chairs, standing up, everywhere! I don't think Jason really believed me until he got home and she is sitting there, in the middle of the kitchen, with the socks.

We get them from her at dinner, finally. I happen to pick them up to move them, she sees them and loses it again. Wow! Fast forward to today. She gets up from her nap. Takes the socks and held them through lunch. That is until I snuck them away. Crazy! Thus, the picture of the socks in one hand and her milk in the other. I thought about putting them in her stocking. That is, when I first bought them. I guess they would be the most exciting thing ever!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why buy toys?

All those Christmas gifts and my daughter laughs with joy over a coupon. I guess this is a good sign that unwrapping gifts this Christmas will be fun to watch. I am sure she will be just as excited to play with the wrapping paper.

Why buy toys?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Growin' Up Girl!

I just love my little peanut! I guess she is not so little anymore. She amazes me each day with how smart she is. She loves to look out the window. She really loves to look out it at night when she can see her reflection looking back at her. I also found her one evening looking out the front window at the Christmas lights across the street.